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Energy poverty

Liturgy and worship resource

Energy affordability may not seem, at first glance, the most obvious theme for a service of worship in a congregation. But worship is meant to engage the whole of our life, and nothing is out of God’s area of interest. Especially when it affects the most vulnerable members of our society. The God of Jesus is the God who demonstrates a bias towards the poor and the marginalised. In our society, equitable access to energy is something that should concern us for this very reason.

Advocating that people should be able to access essential energy at an affordable price sits alongside our concern for the environment and for the way that we live. As a human race (especially in developed nations) we are contributing to long term change – damage – to the creation that God has called us to care and tend. And in our society we are treating energy as a commodity that is priced in a way that allows those who are well off to access it in a way that the more vulnerable cannot. That might be OK with something that is a luxury item, but not something that we need to live a decent life.

You are invited to use any or all of the worship resources as part of the life of your congregation or community of faith. As a church, we are called to confess our failings, we are called to hear God’s grace to us, and we are called to respond with our lives. Uniting for Change is not just trying to change social policies; it is also about trying to change ourselves.

The worship resources have been written so that they can be used on any Sunday (or other gathering time). They do not include a suggested sermon or message, but provide some thoughts for you as you prepare one which is appropriate in your community and your setting.

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