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All Australians can continue to live a full and decent life as they grow older.

However, the current aged care system was not designed to cope with the growing numbers of older people needing support.

Older people and their families find Australia's system of aged care confusing.

It can be difficult for older people to have their needs met especially if they require complex care or they are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Reform of the aged care system is urgently needed and there is support for change across the community.

We need reforms that will allow people to stay in their own home and community for as long as they are able. People who can afford to pay a share towards their costs will support better care for all Australians and protections for people who are most vulnerable.

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  • Over one million Australians receive aged care services and the numbers are increasing (as are people's expectations).

  • By 2050 over 3.5 million Australias are expected to use aged care services.

  • Some of the problems in Australia's current aged care system include limited choice, variable quality, inconsistent pricing, workforce shortages, low wages and a system that is difficult to navigate.

  • The Productivity Commission recommended that the wellbeing of older people should be the focus of reform along with independence, choice and engagement with the community.

  • The Australian Government is currently undertaking reforms in the aged care sector.

  • The reform package includes a 'gateway' where people can access information; an assessment of their needs and financial capacity to contribute; an entitlement to approved aged care; and co-ordination of services in their region.

Data from Productivity Commission 2011, Caring for Older AustraliansReport no. 53


What can I do?: 

Join Age Well 

The Age Well campaign is driven by an alliance of organisations in the aged care sector (including UnitingCare Australia) who recognise the urgent need for reform.

The website has facts, stories and resources for action that you can use including the video by Denise Scott below.

Write to your local MP

A letter to your local MP letting them know you support reform to the system of aged care will make a big difference.

We have a postcode database to find the email of your local MP. You can find it by clicking the link in the top right hand side of this page. We have also included other contact information if you prefer to write a letter or phone for an appointment.