About Us

Uniting for Change is an online community, where 'Faith meets Action'. It seeks to enable the Uniting Church and its service providers to act and grow together as a community, in order to encourage transformation of individuals, policy and society.

Uniting for Change is a project of UnitingCare Australia. It is one avenue of fulfilling UnitingCare Australia's mandate to "express God's love for all people through the Uniting Church's commitment to supporting individuals, families and communities through advocacy, and the enhancement of community service provision."

We aim to achieve this vision by:

  • Developing a sense of community, connectedness and common identity (between the church, its agencies, and people of good will).
  • Enabling sharing of information and experiences across Synods and UnitingCare service providers
  • Strengthening the advocacy work of UnitingCare Australia
  • Encouraging theological reflection on the Church's community services work
  • Providing and sharing resources for citizen engagement and reflection
  • Promoting a decent life for all

A more inclusive and just society is achievable when we can learn, share and respond together to address the significant challenges faced by the most disadvantaged and marginalised in society. UnitingCare Australia affirms that each person in society should be treated justly, accorded dignity and have their basic rights protected no matter their age, gender, sexuality, ability, class, colour, creed or cultural origins. 

As you explore Uniting for Change, you will find opportunities to share your stories and experiences while learning from the experiences and expertise of others. By growing together in community, we can make a difference to policy, society and each other.

We invite you to join us.